NEPGA Answers Vineyard Wind Emergency Motion to Stay or Re-Run FCA 13 (No. ER19-570)

NEPGA Answers Vineyard Wind Emergency Motion – On Tuesday, NEPGA filed an Answer to the Emergency Motion filed by Vineyard Wind on Monday (just hours before the commencement of FCA 13) in which Vineyard Wind asked FERC to stay, or in the alternative “re-run” FCA 13 following its conclusion (Docket No. ER19-570). Vineyard Wind’s request […]

NEPGA Asks for Conditional Approval of Fuel Security Design Filing Extension Motion

On February 4, 2019, NEPGA filed Comments asking FERC to conditionally grant an ISO-NE Motion for Extension of Time to file certain market design changes (Docket No. ER18-182). FERC previously ordered ISO-NE to file by July 1, 2019, a market-based solution to New England’s winter energy security concerns (the so-called Chapter 3). In its Motion, […]

NEPGA Files Comments on Vineyard Wind Waiver Request – No. ER19-570

On January 4, 2019, NEPGA filed Comments objecting to FERC granting Vineyard Wind LLC’s request that FERC waive several sections of the Tariff to allow Vineyard Wind to participate as a Renewable Technology Resource (RTR) in FCA 13 (No. ER19-570). On December 14, Vineyard Wind filed the request seeking waiver of Tariff deadlines to elect […]

NEPGA Seeks Rehearing of Fuel Security Order – Nos. EL18-182 and ER18-2364

On January 2, 2019, NEPGA filed a Request for Rehearing of FERC’s order accepting ISO-NE’s proposal to, inter alia, re-price as price-takers in the FCA a resource made eligible for a cost-of-service agreement to meet a demonstrated fuel security need (Fuel Security Resource) (Docket Nos. EL18-182 and ER18-2364). This holding will apply to the Mystic […]

NEPGA Files Limited Protest of CASPR Changes – No. ER19-444

On December 21, NEPGA filed a Limited Protest of one part of a series of largely “conforming” changes to the Competitive Auction and Sponsored Policy Resource (CASPR) design (Docket No. ER19-444). Among the CASPR changes proposed by ISO-NE is the creation of “test price” mitigation methodology that serves to disqualify certain resources from offering as […]

NEPGA Answer ISO-NE on FCA 13 Installed Capacity Requirement Value – No. ER19-291

On December 20, NEPGA filed an Answer to ISO-NE’s answer in the FERC proceeding concerning the Installed Capacity Requirement (ICR) and associated demand curve values for FCA 13 (together, FCA 13 Values) (No. ER19-291). On November 27 and December 12, respectively, NEPGA filed a Conditional Protest and Supplemental Protest of the FCA 13 Values.  NEPGA […]