NEPGA Asks FERC to Expedite Rehearing Order on Fuel Security Resource Capacity Market Pricing

On August 6, NEPGA filed a Motion for Expedited Action on NEPGA’s Request for Rehearing of FERC’s 2018 order accepting, inter alia, ISO-NE’s proposal to re-price as a price-taker a resource operating under a cost-of-service agreement to meet a fuel security-related reliability need (Docket Nos. EL18-182 and ER18-2364). NEPGA filed its Request for Rehearing on January 2, 2019, asking FERC to reverse its finding on re-pricing and order ISO-NE to offer such a resource into the FCA at its competitive offer price (among other potential solutions offered by NEPGA). In its Motion, NEPGA explains that in June ISO-NE announced that Mystic Units 8 and 9 (those that will operate under a fuel security related cost-of-service agreement for the FCA 13 Capacity Commitment Period) are eligible for a cost-of-service agreement for the FCA 14 Capacity Commitment Period, and thus with FCA 14 only six months away (February 2020) FERC must act expeditiously to avoid in FCA 14 the clearing price suppression caused by offering Mystic Units 8 and 9 as price-takers in FCA 13. Answers, if any, to NEPGA’s Motion are due within 15 days of its filing, i.e., by Aug 20.

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