NEPGA Files Comments Pre-Energy Security Improvements FERC Public Meeting (Docket Nos. EL18-182-000, et al.)

On July 9, NEPGA filed Comments in advance of the July 15 FERC Staff-led public meeting to receive information regarding the Energy Security Improvements (ESI) design ISO-NE is developing to comply with FERC’s directive that it file by October 15 improvements to the wholesale market design to address winter energy security issues (Docket No. EL18-182, et al). NEPGA offers a set of questions to help frame the Public Meeting for FERC, informed by the on-going discussion through the NEPOOL process, and asks that FERC Staff consider addressing the issues raised by these questions with ISO-NE at the July 15 Public Meeting. Among the questions NEPGA poses are those concerning what outcomes would ISO-NE consider a success, whether the ESI is compatible with the existing wholesale market designs, and whether ESI runs the risk of suppressing real-time LMPs.

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