NEPGA Files Protest of Proposed Change to the Dynamic De-List Bid Threshold – ER18-620

NEPGA filed a Protest and supporting Affidavit from Paul Sotkiewicz in response to the ISO-NE/Internal Market Monitor proposal to reduce the Dynamic De-List Bid Threshold from $5.50/kW-month in FCA 12 to $4.30/kW-month in FCAs 13-15 (No. ER18-619).  NEPGA argues that the Dynamic De-List Bid Threshold proposed by ISO-NE and the IMM is unjust and unreasonable […]

NEPGA Seeks Rehearing of Net CONE Order – No. ER17-795

NEPGA filed a Request for Rehearing of the FERC order accepting the Net CONE value and Offer Review Trigger Price values proposed by ISO-NE for effect beginning in FCA 12 (No. ER17-795-000). In its order, FERC accepted ISO-NE’s proposal to base the Net CONE value on a greenfield development, simple-cycle frame combustion turbine reference technology, […]