NEPGA Files Motion to Finding in Northern Pass Transmission Lease Agreement Proceeding No. DE15-464

On December 1, 2017,  NEPGA filed a Motion for Finding in the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission’s (PUC) review of a lease agreement between two Eversource subsidiaries, Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH) and Northern Pass Transmission Company (NPT) (No. DE15-464). Eversource is seeking PUC approval of a lease conveying to NPT rights PSNH asserts in easements throughout New Hampshire, which easements are necessary for NPT to construct and site the Northern Pass transmission project. On November 1, 2017, PSNH, NPT, the New Hampshire Office of Consumer Advocate (OCA), and the PUC Staff jointly filed for PUC approval a settlement agreement on the terms of a lease agreement. Among the subsidiary issues the PUC noted in its order of notice opening the proceeding is whether PSNH and NPT complied with the PUC’s affiliate transaction regulations in executing the lease agreement. The PUC’s regulations require, inter alia, that affiliates have on file with the PUC a written compliance plan explaining how the affiliates intend to transact business and comply with the affiliate transaction rules. NEPGA asked the PUC to make a finding that Eversource has not complied with the PUC affiliate transaction rules, and to either deny the settlement agreement or suspend the proceeding until Eversource has demonstrated compliance with the PUC’s affiliate rules.

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