NEPGA Files Comments in Support of Calpine Complaint on FCA 12 Supply Offer – No. EL18-53

On December 20, 2-17, Calpine Corporation and LS Power Associates (the Complainants) filed a complaint asking FERC to order ISO-NE to adopt a Tariff provision that would cause ISO-NE to not offer Unit 1 of the Clear River Energy Center (Clear River) as supply in FCA 12 and to not compensate Unit 1 during the FCA 12 Capacity Commitment Period (CCP) (No. EL18-53). The Complainants also asked for fast-track processing of the complaint, given that FCA 12 commences on February 5, 2018. The Complainants argue that offering Unit 1 as an existing capacity resource in FCA 12 (as a price-taker) will unjustly and unreasonably suppress the FCA 12 clearing price. Unit 1 cleared as a new capacity resource in FCA 10, but will not begin commercial operation by either the FCA 10 or FCA 11 CCP. Due to more recent developments, the Complainants explain that Unit 1 will almost certainly not be commercial by the FCA 12 CCP, and ask FERC to grant relief consistent with Unit 1 not coming on-line by the FCA 12 CCP. NEPGA filed Comments on January 4, asking FERC to grant the complaint due in part to the significant, and likely irreversible, suppression of the clearing price in FCA 12 if Unit 1 is offered as supply.

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