NEPGA Files Supplemental Protest of FCA 13 ICR Value – No. ER19-291

On December 12, NEPGA filed a Supplemental Protest of the Installed Capacity Requirement and MRI Demand Curve values ISO-NE proposes to apply in FCA 13 (commencing in February 2019) (No. ER19-291). On November 27, NEPGA filed a Conditional Protest, conditioned on FERC accepting ISO-NE’s proposal to re-price to $0/kW-month the Retirement De-List Bid offers of […]

NEPGA Files Request for Rehearing of Mitigation Order – No. ER18-1770

On December 10, NEPGA filed a Request for Rehearing of FERC’s November 9 order (a 2-1 decision, with Chairman Neal Chatterjee dissenting) granting ISO-NE’s and its Internal Market Monitor’s (IMM) request to change the mitigation methodology for Retirement De-List Bids (RDL) effective for FCA 13 (Docket No. ER18-1770). The IMM’s RDL mitigation review methodology requires […]

NEPGA Answer ISO-NE on Fuel Security Resource Re-Pricing Proposal

NEPGA filed an Answer to ISO-NE’s answer to NEPGA’s Protest of its proposal to re-price resources made eligible for a cost-of-service agreement to meet a demonstrated fuel security need (No. ER18-2364). ISO-NE proposes to allow a resource that would otherwise retire from the FCA to enter into a cost-of-service agreement (or in some cases receive […]

NEPGA Files Supplemental Protest to Economic Life Calculation Filing – No. ER18-1770

On October 1, 2018, NEPGA filed a Supplemental Protest of ISO-NE’s and its Internal Market Monitor’s proposal to change the economic life calculation for purposes of Retirement De-List Bid mitigation beginning in FCA 13.  NEPGA filed an initial Protest of the proposal in July, following which FERC’s Office of Energy Market Regulation issued a deficiency […]

NEPGA Files Protest of ISO-NE Fuel Security Resource Re-Pricing Proposal (No. ER18-2364)

On September 21, 2018, NEPGA filed a protest of ISO-NE’s proposal to re-price resources held for fuel security as price-takers in the Forward Capacity Auction (No. ER18-2364).  ISO-NE’s re-pricing proposal is one part of its compliance filing seeking to satisfy FERC’s directive that ISO-NE file Tariff changes allowing for a resource to be held out-of-market […]

Reply to Protest of Intervention in MA Hydro Contracting Case

NEPGA’s reply filed with the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities following the protest of NEPGA’s intervention filed by the Electric Distribution Companies with regard to the proposed 20-year contract with Hydro Quebec over the New England Clean Energy Connect (Dockets 18-64, 18-65 and 18-66).