Joint Energy and Telecommunications Committee

NEPGA gave testimony on four bills in front of the Joint Energy and Telecommunications Committee. Included within the testimony was NEPGA’s support of An Act Relative to Comprehensive Wind Reform.

SB 488

NEPGA wrote a letter to Senator Walaska asking that he make a minor change to language within SB 488, An Act Relating to Health and Safety-Energy Independence.

HB 496 and SB 85

NEPGA provided testimony on behalf of NEPGA to the Science, Technology and Environment Committee on HB 496 and SB 85.

DPU Docket No. 08-88

NEPGA filed comments in DPU Docket No. 08-88 regarding the Rulemaking to Implement the Provisions on Long-Term Contracts for Renewable Energy.

SB 152

NEPGA provided testimony on behalf of NEPGA to the Energy, Environment and Economic Development Committee on SB 152. The bill would have given the PUC authority to investigate whether the Merrimack Scrubber project was in the consumers best interest.