MA DPU Docket No. 10-54

NEPGA filed a Motion to Answer and Answer in MA DPU Docket No. 10-54 in response to National Grid and Cape Wind. NEPGA’s filing objects to the request from both National Grid and Cape Wind that the DPU limit NEPGA’s participant status in the proceeding.

MA DPU Docket No. 10-54

NEPGA filed a Petition to Intervene in MA DPU Docket No. 10-54 regarding the proposed long-term contracts between Cape Wind and National Grid. NEPGA requested full-party status in the proceeding.

Joint Energy and Telecommunications Committee

NEPGA gave testimony on four bills in front of the Joint Energy and Telecommunications Committee. Included within the testimony was NEPGA’s support of An Act Relative to Comprehensive Wind Reform.

DPU Docket No. 08-88

NEPGA filed comments in DPU Docket No. 08-88 regarding the Rulemaking to Implement the Provisions on Long-Term Contracts for Renewable Energy.

Renewable Energy Generation

NEPGA wrote a letter to Secretary Cottrell of the DPU regarding long-term contracts to facilitate the financing of renewable energy generation in the State.