NEPGA Files Answer to Protest of Peak Energy Rent Compliance Filing

NEPGA filed a Motion for Leave to Answer and Answer in response to the New England States Committee on Electricity’s (NESCOE) Limited Protest of ISO New England’s Peak Energy Rent compliance filing (No. ER18-1153).  FERC ordered ISO-NE to make a compliance filing of Tariff changes dictated by a settlement agreement to which NEPGA was a settling party.  NESCOE asks FERC to reject the compliance filing, arguing that it does not comply with FERC’s directives in approving the settlement agreement, and otherwise fails to protect against unjust and unreasonable rates.  NEPGA answers by explaining that the only question before FERC in this proceeding is whether ISO-NE complied with FERC’s directives, which as NEPGA explains it did, and that any question as to the justness and reasonableness of the Tariff is outside of the scope of this proceeding.

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