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Getting to Yes (In My Backyard)

Do you have a heat pump? Policymakers across New England want you and all of your neighbors to get one. And an electric vehicle, while you’re at it. Over the next two decades, the people and businesses of New England will be using more electricity than they ever have in their entire history. The scale […]

NEPGA Files Answer in Inventoried Energy Program Filing – No. ER19-1428-001

NEPGA filed an Answer to the Internal Market Montior’s answer to NEPGA’s Protest in the Inventoried Energy Program filing (No. ER19-1428-001).  According to the IMM, the Tariff requires it to mitigate any priced offer into the Forward Capacity Auction in an amount equal to any expected net revenues from the IE Program.  NEPGA explains in […]

NEPGA Files Answer to Protest of Peak Energy Rent Compliance Filing

NEPGA filed a Motion for Leave to Answer and Answer in response to the New England States Committee on Electricity’s (NESCOE) Limited Protest of ISO New England’s Peak Energy Rent compliance filing (No. ER18-1153).  FERC ordered ISO-NE to make a compliance filing of Tariff changes dictated by a settlement agreement to which NEPGA was a […]

D.C. Circuit Denies Appeal of FCA 8 Results

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit held that it does not have jurisdiction to hear Public Citizen’s and several Connecticut regulatory authorities’ joint appeal of the eighth Forward Capacity Auction results (Public Citizen v. FERC (D.C. Cir. No. 14-1244)).  In so doing, the Court agreed with FERC, NEPGA and other intervenors that because FERC did […]

NEPGA Files Complaint on Peak Energy Rent Adjustment Mechanism (No. EL16-120)

NEPGA filed a complaint asking FERC to find that the Forward Capacity Market’s Peak Energy Rent Adjustment mechanism (PER) is unjust and unreasonable, particularly since FERC ordered increases to the Reserve Constraint Penalty Factors (RCPFs) in 2014.  NEPGA asks FERC to order ISO New England to file Tariff changes that mitigate the incremental harm caused by the RCFP increases, and […]

Testimony on NH bill to securitize stranded costs

Written testimony on NH Senate Bill 221 to allow for securitization of stranded costs and other transition costs resulting from a divestiture of Eversource Energy’s NH generation assets. Testimony also notes support for 2015 Eversource Settlement Agreement term sheet.