NEPGA Answers NESCOE Motion for Extension of Complaint Comment Period

On May 25, the New England States Committee on Electricity’s (NESCOE) filed a motion to extend the comment period in NEPGA’s fuel security resource pricing complaint proceeding (No. EL18-154), asserting that a two-week extension is necessary due to the “complex” issues raised by NEPGA’s complaint, the existence of other “interrelated” proceedings, and a common comment date between that set in the NEPGA complaint proceeding and in the proceeding in which Constellation Mystic Power asks for FERC acceptance of a cost-of-service agreement for the Mystic Units (No. ER18-1639). NEPGA answered NESCOE’s motion on May 29, explaining that the issues raised in its complaint are well-understood and not complex, that the “interrelated” proceedings largely have no common nexus with the issues raised by NEPGA’s complaint, and that a common comment date between two proceedings does not provide good cause for a comment date extension – overall, that NESCOE failed to show good cause for its motion. NEPGA also explained that if granted, a two-week extension would harm NEPGA’s interest in a timely resolution of its complaint and complicate FERC’s efforts to make a decision on ISO-NE’s request for tariff waivers in order to retain the Mystic Units for fuel security (No. ER18-1509).

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