EPSA and NEPGA Jointly File Price Formation Comments (No. AD14-14)

The Electric Power Supply Association (EPSA) filed Comments (to which NEPGA joined) in response to ISO-NE’s report on price formation issues in New England (No. AD14-14).  ISO-NE filed its report to comply with FERC’s November 20, 2015, Order Directing Reports from all ISOs/RTOs on five price formation issues: (1) pricing of fast-start resources, (2) commitments to manage multiple contingencies, (3) look-ahead modeling, (4) uplift allocation, and (5) transparency.  EPSA and NEPGA ask FERC to hold ISO-NE to a March 2017 implementation date for fast-start resource pricing in the energy markets and to order ISO-NE to develop a co-optimized Day-Ahead Energy Market for energy and reserves, among other comments and requests.


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