NEPGA Testimony in favor of Senate Bill 584

On January 17, NEPGA submitted testimony in favor of New Hampshire Senate Bill 584, relative to application of the utility property tax to certain renewable electric generating facilities, and relative to communications services tax revenues.

Letter to NH ST&E Committee on Power Plant Retirement Bill

NEPGA letter sent to the New Hampshire Science, Technology and Energy Committee on a bill that would form a commission to develop redevelopment plans for a power plant that has not yet announced retirement (HB 1289). NEPGA voiced serious concerns with establishing such a commission about an operating facility and without participation of the plant […]

Testimony on NH Long-Term Contracting Bill

NEPGA testimony to the New Hampshire House Science, Technology & Energy Committee on a bill that would allow up to 20-year contracts for up to 2 million MWh of incrementally new electricity generation or supplies for New England (SB 54).

Northern Pass Project Economics Collapse

NEPGA release on final brief submitted to the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee on the wholesale electricity market impacts of the Northern Pass Transmission Project.