Opposition to Maine LD 1863

NEPGA submitted testimony in opposition to Maine LD 1863. As drafted, LD 1863 proposes to remove the 100 MW cap on eligible renewable resources qualifying for Maine’s RPS.

MPUC Docket Nos. 2002-676 and 2006-543

NEPGA filed a petition to intervene in MPUC Docket Nos. 2002-676 and 2006-543 regarding Emera Inc.’s increased ownership in Algoquin Power & Utilities Corp.

MPUC Docket No. 2008-255

NEPGA filed comments in MPUC Docket No. 2008-255 in opposition to the May 7, 2010 proposed Maine Power Reliability Program settlement agreement between Central Maine Power and the Office of the Public Advocate, GridSolar, Industrial Energy Consumers Group and the Conservation Law Foundation.