NEPGA Position on MA Siting and Contracting Bill

On June 18, 2024 NEPGA provided feedback regarding SB 2531. NEPGA supports many provisions of the bill, including those related to siting and permitting, but has deep reservations regarding proposed changes to long-term energy contracting.

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Getting to Yes (In My Backyard)

Do you have a heat pump? Policymakers across New England want you and all of your neighbors to get one. And an electric vehicle, while you’re at it. Over the next two decades, the people and businesses of New England will be using more electricity than they ever have in their entire history. The scale […]

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Winter in New England – How this year is different from last

This time last year, many in New England were understandably nervous. The war in Ukraine was entering its first winter, retail electricity prices were higher than some had ever seen in their lifetimes, and the grid operator was expressing concern about reliability. Taken together, it was probably the most uncertainty that many of us have […]