Energyzt Report on Winter Reliability

<p>An independent report conducted by Energyzt Advisors, LLC for NEPGA on winter reliability and energy infrastructure reliability in New England.</p>

Docket No. 08-07-01

Comments were filed in Docket No. 08-07-01 in response to the Connecticut Siting Council’s Ten Year Forecast.

Docket No. RP08-374-000

Angela O’Connor’s Testimony to FERC in Docket No. RP08-374-000. The testimony argues the Maritimes Pipeline Tariff.

FERC Docket No. AD08-7-000

Comments were filed in FERC Docket No. AD08-7-000; Annual Charges Assessments for Public Utilities. NEPGA commented that FERC’s existing methodology for the assessment of electric annual charges to public utilities is fair and equitable and should not be revisited.

Docket No. RP08-374

NEPGA filed a Motion for Leave to Intervene, Protest and Request for Technical Conference  in Docket No. RP08-374. The filing is in response to the Maritimes and Northeast Gas Pipeline’s Tariff Filing. The motion was granted by FERC on 6/11/2008.

Docket Nos. RM07-129-000 and AD07-7-000

NEPGA filed comments in the FERC NOPR (Docket Nos. RM07-129-000 and AD07-7-000) proposing reforms to improve the operation of organized wholesale electric markets.

Docket No. ER08-633-000

A Motion to Intervene and Comments in Docket No. ER08-633-000. The intervention and comments were in response to ISO-NE’s results filing for the Forward Capacity Auction for the 2010-2011 power year.