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Long-term Energy Contracts Keep on Being a Bad Idea

It’s all the rage in energy public policy right now: Pass a law effectively mandating the construction of really big energy projects by requiring the local electric distribution companies to buy the energy for decades. Most of those proposed projects are for large offshore wind farms or from some other low-carbon energy source. The latest […]

Comments on ISO-NE & NEPOOL Pathways Study

NEPGA comments on the ISO New England and NEPOOL Pathways analysis on meeting state decarbonization and clean energy requirements. NEPGA reiterates its strong support for a meaningful price on carbon emissions as the most efficient path forward to drive necessary investments, while maintaining a market-based reliability design in New England.

NEPGA Support for ISO-NE Request to Eliminate Stay for Killingly & FCA 16

NEPGA filed a package, including an intervention, response, and declaration, to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit in support of a motion filed on February 18 by ISO-NE to lift the stay halting the termination order from FERC on the continued participation of NTE’s Killingly Energy Center in FCA 16 and other […]

Testimony on Mass Clean Energy & Climate Bills

NEPGA testimony to the Massachusetts Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy Committee on several bills related to clean energy requirements and climate change (H.3288; H.3292; H.3372; H.3964; S.2131; S.2133; S.2136; S.2170; S.2224; S.2225; S.2228; and S.2229)

Letter on Massachusetts Hazard Pay Legislation

NEPGA letter to the Massachusetts General Court on proposed legislation on “State of Emergency” hazard pay differentiating public-facing from inward-facing essential employees (S.1195 & H.2042).